International Research Project

Event (published 31.01.2020)

Gorizia (IT) FilmForum Victor-E Symposium Eyewitnessing the Past? Questioning Film and Media agency in Collective Memory and Public History.; Due to COVID-19 the symposoum will be postponed to November 2020.

The symposium aims at exploring the overlaps and intersections between Memory Studies and Public History by adopting a media-related perspective. The symposium will serve as an occasion to present the partial research outputs and reflect on some of the major methodological and theoretical concerns of the ongoing project VICTOR-E. Other than reconstructing the way in which, in alliance with other media, non-fiction films created a public memory and a sense of shared destiny centered around the representation of iconic public spaces, VICTOR-E also aims at enhancing this often neglected heritage and making it available by a wide audience by digitising original materials, including them in a Virtual Exhibition and in a Teaching Toolkit.

During the morning plenary session a representative of each of the research units involved will present the ongoing research by focusing on a particular methodological angle. The afternoon workshop will be devoted to share and collectively discuss some specific case studies between all of the VICTOR-E group members.