International Research Project

Event (published 29.09.2022)

The German unit of ViCTOR-E is launching the Online Exhibition

with a film screening at the DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut und Filmmuseum, Friday, 30.9.2022, 18h

Documentaries on the Reconstruction of Europe

Film program with introduction
1944-1956. div. 75 min.

For the launch of the "Frames of Reconstruction" online exhibition on European reconstruction in documentary film and as a conclusion to the ViCTOR-E international research project, we are showing a program of films digitized during the project. The documentaries LA VIE À BERLIN (FR 1945), AU REVOIR KALOVY VARY (CS 1949), LA FRONTIERA (BRD 1953), CONFINI AL NORD (IT 1954) have in common that they direct the view on and over new and old borders in Europe. As a project partner, the DFF also contributes DAS JAHR 48 (DE 1948), a film from its own archive: 100 years after the first German National Assembly, the Paulskirche lies in ruins. Documentary filmmaker Curt Oertel takes this as an opportunity to shoot a 'missed history lesson' about German democracy.